• Recap: a good good update

    We’ve reached our 10th episode! The past 6 months have flown by, so for this episode we’re taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the charities, people and innovations of episodes past and checking in to see what’s new.

  • Olio: The app fighting food waste in local communities

    In the UK today, 8.4 million people are struggling to afford to eat with 4.7 million of these people living in severely food insecure homes, which means they often don’t know where their next meal comes from. And yet, every year around 10 million tonnes of food is thrown away within the supply chain from farm to table.

  • Making a meal out of fake meat

    Whether its ‘fake meat’, ‘imitation meat’, or the rather oxymoronic ‘vegan meat’, meat alternatives and their derivatives are big business. In fact, Barclays analysts estimate the meat-free meat industry can reach a staggering $140 billion over the next decade. Now there’s some food for thought.

  • Hugging for pride: a mom’s journey to acceptance

    HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! We’re celebrating the rainbow with a Pride special and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? Because we are joined by a very, very special guest. Sara Cunningham is the founder of Free Mom Hugs, and incredible not-for-profit organisation she started after a deeply personal journey of acceptance she experienced when her son, Parker, came out as gay. 

  • Community matters: reclaiming the streets

    What would happen if we reclaimed the transient spaces that surround us; if roads and intersections were more than just throughways, but social spaces? Well, the community of Sellwood in Portland, Oregon did just that.

  • How to succeed at saving the planet

    The current state of the planet has hit the headlines over the past few weeks with the actions of Extinction Rebellion in London and other European countries, and the proposal of a Green New Deal in the US. But what about countries that are already making waves in the fight for the planet?

  • Virtual reality, real benefits

    We look at the very real benefits that new VIRTUAL REALITY technology could bring for learning, anxiety therapy, empathy awareness and entertainment, as discussed by scientists (full disclosure: this is what Jack does for a day-job, please forgive his enthusiasm).

  • The clothing brand manufacturing a jobs revolution

    In this episode, we discuss COMMUNITY CLOTHING - a social enterprise successfully reviving British clothes manufacturing. They ensure quality products at affordable prices, while creating consistent jobs and reducing fast fashion.

  • The Ozone Avengers

    In this episode, we discuss THE OZONE LAYER - what it is, how it is, and why a huge hole united the whole world in a heart-warming tale of global cooperation.

  • Fighting food waste, feeding people

    Say hello to our brand new podcast, A GOOD GOOD THING - a good news podcast dedicated to positive news, both big and small.


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