a good good thing

Olio: The app fighting food waste in local communities

August 12, 2019 Neil Thornton + Jack Ratcliffe Season 1 Episode 9
a good good thing
Olio: The app fighting food waste in local communities
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In the UK today, 8.4 million people are struggling to afford to eat with 4.7 million of these people living in severely food insecure homes, which means they often don’t know where their next meal comes from. And yet, every year around 10 million tonnes of food is thrown away within the supply chain from farm to table. 3.6million tonnes, worth £1 billion, doesn’t even leave the farm. In this episode of A Good Good Thing, we’re taking a look at the app Olio that offers food for thought when it comes to fighting food waste. OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away.

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Neil:   0:08
Hi, everyone. And welcome to a good, good thing. Hope you're having a great week full of good things. And if you're not well, you're in luck. Because from here on in, this is a good vibes. Only space,

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like super great. So great. So great. Jack, I've

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got a question for you. Yes. What do you know about food Waste? Well, there was the episode. We did. We talked about food waste a few months ago. We did. We did. Our first episode was around a charity food cycle which helps reduce food waste. And I would say I learned so much from that. Good. I could remember none of it. At this moment in time, we says more about my ability to retain information than it does about food waste. Okay, so I'm gonna ask you some questions about food, food waste, and you're gonna tell me what you think is the right answer, Okay? Oh, okay. All right. I can embarrass myself. Yeah, that's the idea. How much of overall food produced globally goes toe waste, is it half 1/4 1/3 or 3/4? I'm gonna go with 3/4 and you're 3/4 that is incorrect. It is less, but still a lot. It is actually 1/3 of or food produced globally goes toe waste. That's really bad, because I just listened to the pre recorded intro. We did, and I had the information. I obviously just didn't pass it. I think it wasn't there. Actually, question two. How much do you think that third of wasted food is worth? Um, well, I don't even know what normal food. Normally, what I do here is eyed *** sandwich is worth, like £2 on DH. Ah, third of all food in the world is equivalent to 10 billion sandwiches, and therefore I'm going to say £20 billion. Oh, as we say, because of the current currency, five years sentence right at the dance is $1 trillion. Okay, so I was close to a close with, and that weighs around 1.3 billion tonnes. Okay, next question. Does an elephant weigh one tonne? Is that right? I think it's very more than that, but yeah, maybe one time elephant sounds like a phrase through talking 1.3 billion elephants. Food? Yeah. Okay. Now consume 1.3 billion tonnes of like that. Okay, step back. Seven billion people in the world yet 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year. Yeah. Okay. So that means, like everyone eats a 365th off. I'm gonna quit. Yeah, I think that readers just switched off. Reader, the listeners just switched off. Okay, let's carry on with our question.

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Neil:   3:07
area larger than what country is used to grow food that is never actually eaten, is it China, Brazil, the UK or India? That's unfair, because I think three of those countries are roughly the same size anyway, So it's definitely gonna be bigger than the UK, So I'm gonna go. Is Brazil? I'm afraid you're wrong. It is, in fact, China. Is China bigger than Brazil? Shall I beam or less worried? I have no idea. I just picked three other countries. Jack Thea, similarly sized comes. I know. I felt pressured. I should have changed it anyway. Next question, I hope everyone that's listening is doing better than you. What percentage of the world's fresh water supply is used to grow food that is never eaten? Is it 10% 25% 45% or 60%. So there is lots of water on the planet. It is what makes the planets special. Apparently, Mars usedto have water, but there were some problems. And you, Roper, a moon in our solar system has lots of water under the frozen crust. I'm using this time so I could taken Think? Yes. Very clever. Thanks. I've been watching a lot of political broadcasts on DH. Getting some tips. I think it was option B. 25%. Yes. Ding ding ding. You are correct. See, that's what happens when you pause for thought. Okay, Last one. If food waste were a country, where would it rank in the list of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases? Oh, that's interesting. Give me some numbers. No, I just out of 200. I got 195 195 countries, 206 countries, many countries in the world. Fine. OK, I'll give you out of the top 10. So it's inside the top 10. Yeah, um, that's difficult, because, like, countries have food waste in there like a mission. Statistics, not food waste, have food production. So if it was just food waste, I would say it would be the China biggest polluter for by America. Then we're probably talking once with lots of people. Maybe India very developed countries with large populations. Maybe Japan could be up there. Brazil, maybe Mexico. So I'm gonna go with about 77. You are wrong. You were right with the top two highest emitters of greenhouse gases on DH. You're wrong about your suggested third because the third would be food waste. Wow. Yes, indeed. Yeah. So, yeah, you can see the food waste is a global issue on DH. What's really interesting is that in most developed countries, over half of all food ways actually takes place in the home, whereas it's only in, like food waste. In retail store level, it's only around 2% of the total waste. Though supermarkets in retail are responsible for much larger amount of food waste further down the supply. So that is to say that, for example, part of the 3.6 million tonnes that doesn't even make it out of the farm in the UK is because that produced doesn't meet the supermarket standards. And that doesn't mean that it's not edible. It means that the carrot is slightly bent or the cucumber is slightly bent so they don't accept it, and it wouldn't go through, so it goes to waste. So, Neal, with all this food waste that's going on, what possible? Good news. Can there be? Well, Jack, I'm glad you asked. Because I have a good good thing for you this week, and it is thie app called earlier. Earlier? Earlier s oil in Italian, is it? Yeah. I did not know that. That's where it comes from, I hope. I mean, maybe otherwise. They something like any type of oil with Oliver. Where are we talking? Like kerosene type. I guess it's food. Oil. I've only seen it in, like meals. So it's like Pastor Londo, pastor with oil. Earlier is a food sharing app that actually I was introduced by my boss because my boss and her husband used food delivery services. You know, we're like, say, Groucho, get fresh, fresh, fresh. What are they called? What type of food that they like, You know, you deliver all of the ingredients, you don't waste any extra stuff. Oh, there's little box things. Yeah, they Yeah. So she has those living. Which hilarity is the point that is, that you don't waste anything because it gives you exactly what you need. And yet she still manages to not get through them on DH. She didn't want to waste them, and she found the app earlier. That's a premium. Second hand. Food is a very premium second bit or a lot of it is. I think they managed to just throw the ingredients in, but they don't duel of the spices and all of that kind of stuff, the extra bits that come with it flavour. Yeah, well, they are so right. So British. So yeah, earlier is this amazing app that connects to net connects neighbours with each other as well as local businesses so that surplus food can be shed and not thrown away. So obviously, this could be food that's nearing its sell by day in local stores or spare homegrown vegetables. How do I get this food? S o tio, get the fujin to download the only app you can sign up with your email or with Facebook. You set your location. You set the type of things you might give away or what you prefer. What if I don't want to give anything away. What if I'm like I never have food and I just want to take other people's food, which is part of this, which is about that's fine. I'll be just being really so you can put in it that you're more likely to be death for seeking food on DH. Then basically, what happens is you then secure location and it shows you how many other earlier users are in your local area. And you can then go see what they're offering. Message them, ask them when they're free. If you go and pick it up if they can, and then that simply they organise it. Okay, so I opened it up. I signed up. I say I'm a big hungry pig on. I want to eat everyone else's food and then I go on and I look for people who are advertising their specific meals or Pacific specific foods that they have in their covered. Andi, I go, I want that food on. Then I messaged them and go give me your food. So there are different ways that you can use it. Mainly, you log on and then you look in the local area and see what people have. And you can obviously then choose to further field if you want. And you, khun, select to look att, food or non food items that people giving away. But what you can do is you can create a listing of something that you want. So you could put up that I am looking for. Vegetables are looking for me or I'm looking for spices on DH, then someone else who has that can respond to your listing request. So what you're saying is, if I wanted free champagne, I should just put up the listings for champagne caviar and then just because no one else would have been, like boozy enough to do that yet, I'll be top of the list for when someone is giving away champagne and that is gonna come this way. That is exactly it. Yeah, that's exactly But do let me know if someone comes to you and says, I've got some champagne that you, Khun Deko, You know I'm going to sit up right now just to see if I can get any champagne by the end of this recording. Great. Do it so OK, so I could get out of this thing for what I want. If there are other, does it say how far away they are? Like yet is it organised by closest furthest away? Exactly. So I will open up the up. In fact, that's ever done that up right now. Yeah. Let's see what we can get in the distance from Bethnal Green s. So we're not going to do it from Bethnal Green? Because I've set my into my home location, which is not Bethnal Green. So But where? From my house Right now we have Harry who is giving away chocolate Sprinkles. Well, how many chocolate Sprinkles? Full pack. It's a full pack because he has the never used them and now no longer has dairy. You get a nice little bio with all of the pieces. Arian chocolate spring like they actually put very products in. Apparently he says so. I mean, I shouldn't Is his his his Sprinkles, He should. But then there's also other great. We also then have wait. How far was he from your house? That's what I wanted. So he's 1.3 kilometres. So you're gonna walk? Would you walk 1.3 kilometres for free dairy Sprinkles, fairy Sprinkles, chocolate Sprinkles. I mean, it's not actually that far. You know, you get some good steps in, so none of the calories that's like four Sprinkles. But I've also got Wendy, who's got a whole load of radishes just given away. How far is Radish Wendy? She's 2.6 kilometres. Would you walk, too? But I'd walk to work. If it's technically, she's near a tube station, so it's almost on the way home. So this picture do you reckon she took that picture of the Radishes herself? Yes, I think she did. I think she probably grew them, just got in from Kingston Market, and she can have them picked up on evenings and weekends, which is great. But it's also not just people giving individuals giving away their stuff. There's also local volunteers who offered to give away free meals to those in need on DH Earlier also has dropped boxes in select stores and locations where people can go and drop off their things if they haven't got time to wait for someone to come and pick them up on DH on earlier user concede when that drop box has got stuff in it on DH simply dio on DH collected. Someone is giving away one pint off a two pint container off cider like I like the storey behind that. Like, I think I've reached my feel Someone should take the sides off my hands. I mean yet that there's no I think sometimes I think people are still quite a getting used to the app and realising what it should and shouldn't be used for

Jack:   12:39

Neil:   12:40
ham. I'm a vegetarian, so that doesn't know. Oh, she put little picture of pig's face next to it. But, you know, if you're a family and you're feeding kids for school extra pack of ham for for school lunches, someone should you get to Jacqueline because she has six packs of luncheon meat available. I don't know how you get into a circumstance where you need six Accardo. Accardo. She got delivered. Fancy sandwich, mate. Well, maybe it's from like a charity or something. Okay, so what you're saying is I could go on this app on. I can go through the list, and I could go Well, someone has literally just added doughnuts. Andi, I could be like, Hey, Kayla, can I come get these doughnuts from Cavern Bakery. I'll have to bring my own bags because that's what you told me I could pick up till 11 p.m. On. Then just take some free doughnuts, which would otherwise go in the bin. Exactly. Yeah, and so you know, it's a case of you can look at it, I think, for my boss, when she started doing her, it was literally a woman that lived on her street. So, you know, there are one point over 1.2 million earlier users, so obviously it will depend on where you live and how many people there use it. But if it's somewhere on your way home or it's near your office, you might be able to save on lunch. You save on like one ingredient on the way home, and it's kind of, you know, you may not do it all the time, but I think there are loads of great scenarios where it makes sense to just try and do it to save throwing them, throwing them away. For the record, you can do it and get time. Because Felicity is giving some away 9.4 kilometres from your house. Fresh type. That's a long way to go for some fresh thyme. Well, yeah. I mean, yeah, go in the park. It would be easier. So it seems you have mainly ingredients. Wow, this person is giving away, like, expensive to you. This is gorgeous. Geisha T to Teo is a very nice tastes, like £9 of books. This is swing by. Sorry, I've got over excited, which is a good size. That's what you want from an application giving away free food because it makes people get interested in all of this would end up in the bin. So it's it seems like when you first described it, I thought it would be more like, Oh, I've taken ingredients in my house and I've cooked them and I have leftover lasagna portions. I'm going to give this to my neighbour, but it seems more like people are like, I got some spare ingredients. Oh, I got some tea which I don't really like. I should allow someone else to have this for free. And they're taking time out of their day to list it on DH, meet up with people to take it off them, which I guess is probably a little bit more welcoming, like I would happily take t off a stranger. I would be less likely to go. Hey, thanks for the cooked meal. I'm gonna I'm gonna have that. Um, what about you? With you? I think there are a load of other options. I think you know, obviously, I think it's people first start to use it. That is definitely what they do. It's like it's pantry ingredients that last pages that they realise they don't want or they're never gonna use. But you know, there are different variations where someone has, you know, they've overcooked or they've advocated for something and they have spare food, so it could be hot meals. So if you're someone that has to eat out a lot or doesn't have time to come home and cook, it's a great way to get a hot meal and also to meet locals and meet neighbours and anti community. It's a great way for local businesses to not just throw their food in the bin to actually help people that are in need of it as well. Eh? So I think there are a lot of different scenarios where you know it's a good thing. So I went on to the APP store because I was worried you were sounding a bit too much like infomercial being like, Oh, this is really positive. Make sure on I looked up The worst reviews on DH Leah Coiled Coil Leah Coil one month ago was like It's just a bunch of your neighbor's cleaning out their cupboards and giving way old expired nasty food. Also, how about giving extra food to actual hungry homeless people? Um so I think we've learned that the coil isn't very friendly. Um, on Michael Shimizu was like, It's a great idea, but the things you want aren't actually there. You're pretty much wasting time and gas for the goods that you pick up, so there are a couple of negative complaints, but it seems like it depends where you are, like that guy was from Los Angeles. Maybe that means they don't have a good community there. Do you think it's pretty dependent on like maybe if you live in a city rather than in a suburb? I mean, I think I just don't know if I necessarily agree with either. Those comments cause where If it's saying you're wasting time and gas collecting it, then why are you collecting it in the first place? If you didn't want it, so it's always worth it if you if you've chosen to go there and get it on DH. I've never seen anything that is out of date or expired like it's against the apse rules. They do, actually, even there. Sometimes those things on there that do actually even art, they ask. People ask for a price because it could be something that's really expensive. But the rule is that it should be, ah, 50% or more off from the the powerful price purchase. So it could be that someone you know has bought a whole turkey on DH, then realises that they're never gonna get around to cooking it. For whatever reason, you can sell it on China and some money back for it, and someone gets something cheap, almost like another way of getting you reduced Island works at the supermarket. Yeah, no, I just don't agree with it, to be honest, because I don't think you're wasting your time getting it. If you've chosen to go and get it, yeah, Well, I mean, those reviews were in the minority. The APP has a 4.1 rating on the Google play store, so the majority of reviews have been very positive. Yeah, and I think the biggest thing is that it's like it's a great attempt to affect change on DH. You know, the only way that things are gonna happen and we're going to reduce three ways is bye APS like this. And initiatives like this there are trying to, you know, fixed gaps and close loopholes in processes supply chains on. This is a really good way to do it. And I think I like the idea that potentially it's a wayto meet people in community. You know, my boss now speaks to a neighbour that she had never seen before, and now they speak to each other quite regularly, and I think you know, there's definitely those opportunities. I just think it's how you approach it. I only want to befriend my neighbours when they give me free food. I'm gonna hold out exactly exactly. I mean, I can smell some of the stuff. I mean, the other fact in the apartment I live, I live in and I can't. I want to Just, like, put naleo leaflet through their door just in case to see if I suddenly can see them come out there and I'll have extra portions of food. Um, So, Leo, personally, it sounds like you're convert. I will definitely be trying out. Although I tent always kind ofyou zaps for, like, a couple of weeks and then forget them on my phone. How is it doing for society? Is it making a difference? So, so far, it has saved over 1.9 million portions of food since launch that afternoon. The Lord's word don't remember. So 1.9 million portions of food That's three portions a day for someone who needs to eat, which is everyone. Yeah. So we're talking roughly 652 700,000 days of food, Which means one person could live for two years off of what? The apse? None so far away. Is that right? What do you say? 6000 days? Um, yeah, 6000 days, maybe two years. Is it I five years and I am supposed to be the dumb one. Okay. One person needs 365 days or 1000 portions of food a person is 1000 portions of food a year on DH. You said, How many forces of food? Over 1.9 million. Okay, so I am incredibly embarrassed about my former Mets. This is twice in an episode. Jack. I think it's time to retire Attempting to do this kind of stuff in your head. That's a bad Davis hot. It's really hot just for you, Jack. I'm gonna play the theme music, Work it out. Okay, Jack, we're

Jack:   20:59
back. Have

Neil:   21:00
you figured out the mass? Yeah. Idea. All in my head without any help from calculators. Really? So the Google calculator on your laptop in front of you isn't in your head? I feel like you're tearing apart the magic off radio. I mean, this is a podcast. It's not radio. I mean, they're basically the same thing. I always wanted every like when podcast started coming out. Like 10 years ago. It was like, Have you heard that podcast? What? Like, you know, it's like a radio show, but on demand, like so it's a radio show on demand on people like that podcast podcast. It's a radio show undermined. I just feel like you say that it's gonna get you go like, Oh, it's a TV to say It's like the Netflix for radio didn't pay some places. You do know. I don't think I've heard of her. 1781 people could be fed for a year based on the food savings from polio so far. Now that is in impressive. So yeah, so that's earlier. That was my good good thing of the week. You know, I think the AP's got a way to go, but there are people on it that using it, tio two good things. Like I found one on one post near where I live. Guy holds did works. Ah, local church on DH. He gives away free meals on a Friday made from surplus food from the local area. Business is very similar to free food cycle on DH. Yeah, so Eric and every give it Go have a look on DH. See if you can pick something up or better give something away rather than putting it in the bin. You know what would be super interesting to know how it works for people that don't live inside a large city such as our listeners in Zimbabwe or Iran or Leighton Buzzard. So please, please do let us know because it would be nice to know if it's just one of these things that lefty built up area metropolitan elites Khun benefit from and actually, as you get further away from built up areas that it's less able tto help people out. Um, it would be interesting to find out this is the bit where we do a 32nd round up ofsome positive storeys that we discovered in the period between this episode in the last episode. So I was gonna say last in the last week, but it's not a week. It's to jam on DH. I want to put a prediction out there where? So what happens is either stop the storeys. I have 30 seconds, and then Neal picks one of the storeys to talk about in more detail. And I know which Storey and I was gonna pick before he's even heard the list. So, Neil, I need youto like cover your ears when I tell everyone else which storey you're gonna pick. Okay, I don't know whether this is like because you know me so well. You're just a super judgy. Mmm. Can you definitely don't hear me? Look, I hear what you say puppet. Um, so Neal is definitely going to I'm sure you can hear me. Neil is definitely going to pick Thie Storey about tickle therapy. Okay, now, if I'm right, well, there's nothing you can do because you're hearing this after I spoke. So just if I'm right, I know that I'm feeling really smug. And how long is this storey? Can I book my ears, please? If I'm wrong, just never mention it again. Neil, Welcome back. Thank you. That was the longest title is gonna take the whole 30 seconds to do it. Yeah. There's only one way that I know where you're going. Um okay, so you need to time, please. Ready? Yes. I'm no. Give me a second. You could have done that in the time that we were spending. I was trying to cover my ears. All right. Ready? Three, two, one. Researchers had modified cotton fabric to omit a lemony smell when it gets into contact with sweat. Self sterilising polymer type of plastic proves effective against drug resistant superbug such as say the most. Every detail of three D map of the Milky Way has been released. A dolphin mom has adopted a whale calf in the first known case of a wild boar nose dolphin adopting another species tickle therapy could help slow the ageing process. Google is detecting kidney disease with new technologies. Magnetic springs can break down a marathon. Maren movie Micro plastic pollution Ah ah, I don't know. Have a think I wonder what you'll come up with. I'm not gonna lie as someone that really strolls in the heat with sweat. I really want fabrics that released the Lebanese sent. But But ah, actually, you know what I do want to choose, but it's not gonna work because this is the podcast. But I wanna hear about the Milky Way because I saw that storey and I didn't actually I haven't kicked on it to read. Exile was on underground and it didn't load on, So I still don't know what I want to see what it looks like, which is a relevant for a podcast. But I want it now. Here you explain a three teeth it made to the Milky Way. You so you Wait. No, that's not even part of this. You asked the one. You're thinking it's between that one and cotton lemony sweat fabric. Okay, well, I want you to know that you've embarrassed me in front of all of the listeners. Which one? Oh, you thought I was gonna use the dolphin? Didn't you know how was getting wass?

Jack:   26:43
Oh, what did you think I was gonna

Neil:   26:45
big tickle therapy could help slow ageing? No. Why

Jack:   26:50
would that interest

Neil:   26:51
me? Because, Okay, one you like weird things to you. Like different types of alternative therapies. Three you care about. You know how people feel bad about ageing yet, but I'm sorry, but that is like it was a word that was slander. That makes you sound come into some weird stuff. I'm sorry, but like I've seen those, Well, I've seen off those documentaries. Where about people that love tickling? And that is just not an area I want to get involved with. I don't want you around tickling people thinking and tickle themselves. You could do what you do in the privacy of your own home. Is your problem. That's fine. I don't judge. I don't hear about it. I want to hear about the new Milky Way picture. I just want to point out that it's a scientific research study into really like medicinal tickle therapy. It's not just getting tickled by strangers. Okay, that's fine. So Milky Way tell us everything. So three D map ofthe galaxy. This is a good thing because it shows us mohr about the universe that we live in, like what they've been able to use technology and science and hard work and research to get a better understanding of what it is that surrounds us in our giant galaxy, the Milky Way. So is it the obviously with the images that people know of? The Milky Way is because there never has never bean an image, and they're all just composites based on small facets of information. Or is it that the the level of technology we've had up until now for imaging has only ever been able to show it is flat? So I mean, what happens is it's really impossible to get a picture ofthe water galaxy looks like because you're in it. I mean, that's it, but it's also like you're looking at different things, like lots of pictures you see of space, like with those different colours and stuff you don't see that goes with your eyes. They just coloured versions of different radio waves or different you ve or electromagnetic spectrum that they've put in colour to to allow us to visualise what's happening in galaxy space. So with this, they very specifically started looking at a type of star which dims and grows brighter to kind of help us understand the shape off the galaxy itself. I think those types of scar stars are called safe. Aides say feeds I've only ever seen it written. So I don't know if that's how you pronounce it. No idea, sir. I can't help. This should be an article podcast. Thanks every episode on DSO by looking at these they worked out. The galaxy itself is not flat or linear, but it's actually kind of warped and twisted in different ways. On the best explanation I've heard is if you get like a vinyl, wait might not be useful for younger people. If you get a piece of plastic on, did you leave out in the sun or you get a hairdryer on it, then it kind of all moves up and down in different ways. That kind of bends and twists and reshapes itself on DH. That's what they found out about The Milky Way is that in fact, it's not even close to being linear. Spiralling round one central point, it kind of bends up and down and around the the one is the centre of the Milky Way. It's like a super massive black hole. I don't know, I'm right. But it's very cool, though, because I think because obviously now there, back on a moon race to get back and launch a moon space station, I think finding out something like this kind of shows how muchmore there is to go and how many exciting storeys that the galaxy and space has in store for us. It's gonna be really interesting. As you know, they build these moon space stations like what? Everything's gonna go. Yes, on DH. That is incredibly exciting, although resource intensive and costly. But actually last week thiss isn't a good thing. It's a scary thing on asteroid flew between the moon and the earth just on that can't be what they call it something like a disaster asteroid. But it would only destroy a city so it would wouldn't like end life on Earth like the dinosaurs. It would only like hit her city and killed millions of people. But they're also doing cool research. Whether about because for the rest of Earth's history, like 100 million, I guess longer three billion years since life emerged on Earth, we haven't been ableto know when an asteroid's gonna here to defend against it on DH last week and asteroid came between us and the moon, which is pretty close in space terms, but still also pretty far away, like 70,000 kilometres or something. But then, how long did they like? Was it into they knew was coming? They knew it was passing through about 4 to 5 hours before it passed. Um, so in a couple of years, I think 2021 they will be putting a new satellite up in space, which will allow it to see these kind of asteroids and Meteors and meteorites. Ah, lot easier than they do now. And so we'll have, like a space meteorite defence, whether whether space weather system always type thing somethingto like give us an earlier warning about anything that will you come away and then it'll be like that film Armageddon, where we have to send up Bruce Willis and, yes, to drill into the I Love that film. Yeah, not just for the soundtrack. Bruce Just say today so many times just to jump back. The black hole at the centre of the Milky Way is called Sagittarius A and maybe Sagittarius a star. You know there's a star on the end of the text. Um, it's a trick. So that's it for this week's episode, we hope you enjoyed learning about earlier on about the new image off the Milky Way on DH. If you didn't, it's important to know that that whale calf that was adopted by the Dolphin start Tanksley behave like the Dolphin as well. Copy. It's mom's mannerisms. Wow! Okay, I do actually want to look at this storey as well, but I'll do that in my own time. But yes, don't forget to come and find us on social media at a good good thing on Facebook, Twitter and instagram Please share with us your good news storeys because we'd love to hear from you or if you're undergoing any tickle therapy. Give us a call. Yes, please do. Yeah. Otherwise, I hope you have a great couple of weeks before we see you again. Don't forget to rate and review this episode on

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DH. Tell all of your

Neil:   33:36
friends to come. Join us, Tio. Have a good good

Jack:   33:40
way, son. Stand sty. Soothe. Good on I