a good good thing

A Good Good Thing

May 19, 2019 Neil Thornton + Jack Ratcliffe
a good good thing
A Good Good Thing
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From climate change to politics, the news can be tough going - so we’re here to help share some positive stories.
A Good Good Thing is a good news podcast that, while not encouraging you to bury your head in the sand, offers a friendly respite, full of fun and inspiring stories, from charities and pop culture to life-changing innovations in science and tech.
From here on in, this is a good vibes only space.

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About your hosts

A computational artist currently undertaking a PhD in virtual reality, Jack is motivated by the positive impact technology can have on our day to day lives both operationally and emotionally. Outside of PhDs and podcasting, Jack is a proud dad to three turtles and an ever-growing number of house plants.  Find Jack at @jacktionman on Instagram and Twitter

A digital content editor by day, Neil is also a men’s lifestyle blogger at whatneildid.com where he covers a range of topics from travel and style to health and mental well-being. You’ll never find him too far from a coffee.   Find Neil at @Whatneildid  on Instagram and Twitter 

Jack:   0:00

Neil:   0:18
We all know the news could be tough going. But what about the good things that are happening around the world that we don't get to hear about? This podcast is your 30 minute dose of positivity.  

Jack:   0:25
32 minute dose, it's usually about 32 to 34 minutes.  

Neil:   0:30
This podcast is you're 30 to 35 minute dose of positivity.  

Jack:   0:33
I said 34 minutes.  

Neil:   0:35
We're gonna stick with 30/35, we'll cover our bets. Hedge our bets? Cover our bases?

Jack:   0:40
 [laughs] should change them at the same time.  

Neil:   0:41
This podcast is your 30 to 35 minute dose of positivity, a reminder that it's not all doom and gloom and that there's actually a lot of amazing things happening all the time. The things that make you smile, that inspire you, and that make you feel the warm and fuzzies.  

Jack:   0:53
We're not encouraging you to bury your head in the sand, but we are offering a friendly respite full of fun and inspiring stories from charities and pop culture to life changing innovations in science and tech. So join us... bi-weekly?  

Neil:   1:06
Well, bi-weekly can mean twice a week or every other week. So it's kind of confusing.  

Jack:   1:10
OK, join us Fortnightly, which is every other... every Thursday and then 14 days later to the next Thursday.  

Neil:   1:20
[laughs] yeah keep track of that.. just put it in your diary.  

Jack:   1:23
For what...? Thursday. Mysterious Thursday's Join us...  Join us for our podcast.