a good good thing

The clothing brand manufacturing a jobs revolution

April 18, 2019 Neil Thornton + Jack Ratcliffe Season 1 Episode 3
a good good thing
The clothing brand manufacturing a jobs revolution
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In this episode, we discuss COMMUNITY CLOTHING - a social enterprise successfully reviving British clothes manufacturing, ensuring quality products at affordable prices, consistent jobs and reducing fast fashion.

We (two white men) also look at a study that proves that representation in the media works for empowering unrepresented groups - specifically women in politics.

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A computational artist currently undertaking a PhD in virtual reality, Jack is motivated by the positive impact technology can have on our day to day lives both operationally and emotionally. Outside of PhDs and podcasting, Jack is a proud dad to three turtles and an ever-growing number of house plants.  Find Jack at @jacktionman on Instagram and Twitter

A digital content editor by day, Neil is also a men’s lifestyle blogger at whatneildid.com where he covers a range of topics from travel and style to health and mental well-being. You’ll never find him too far from a coffee.   Find Neil at @Whatneildid  on Instagram and Twitter 

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already. Bad stuff is hard. Work starts. So you do really naturally. Everything. When I start conversations, it will never start conversations on so great. So great, e everyone.

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And welcome to this week's episode. I hope you're all having great weeks with lots of good, good things. Jack, how about you? How's your week been? I have had a mostly good week. I had a bit of a bad week when we first went to record this episode. Yeah, so we should put in a disclaimer here if we sound like we're going a little bit crazy. Is that actually, this is deja vu for us because we have recorded this episode once already, and we had a few technical hiccups and decided that actually, it was better that we came back and tried again rather than put you through four. We ended up for it. I don't know what the end effects gonna be. We're gonna be, like, more happy and more excited, or we're gonna be really frustrating tired that we've already made the same jokes and we just repeating them, but faking it I mean, it was mainly hoping that was like, we're a bit more prepared because we've spoken about everything once, but I'm actually worried that we'll just sound as uninformed and not ready as we did last time. I don't think I'll ever sound prepared. So whatever we do now, I'm still gonna come across as amateur on meandering, and I'm okay with that. Fine. Well, let let's carry on and we'll see how we get on Jack. What's your good thing in the week? Well, telling you for the first time, my good good thing is that someone from the Internet past reached out on DH messaged me on Twitter. So someone I hadn't spoken to in 15 Internet years, which is the same as normal years, but they take place following e. I guess time feels maybe longer on decades, so time doesn't feel longer on the Internet. But when you have spoken someone 15 years ago, you were Internet friends with them. I guess you speak to people quite often when you're kind of messaging them on chat over instant messenger MSN days, and then to stop talking to them and then speaks them again suddenly out of the blue. 15 years later, that maybe feels like a longer period of time. So who was this person? How did you know each other before? So I can't tell you his name because he doesn't use his real name on the Internet. He used to, but not anymore. Something has changed in the 15 years. But he reached out to me on Twitter and he said, Hey, do you remember You used to work on ah website together. It was a Digimon website, which is of course it wass. It is a website about how digital monsters and humans co exist on the idea of like, humans in a digital world existing at the same time, which is actually quite fitting. Wait, So it's so you didn't actually know this person in person 15 years ago. It's always been an Internet based Teo, purely Internet based. He lives in OK, see, I didn't get that last time we recorded this. I'm glad. I know. Asked, you know, it was just like from down the road. Well, that's what I thought it was like it's weird that you're kind of like didn't really keep in touch me if I you know. So he worked on this dating website. He lived like in Wales. I lived in London. We spoke to a lot on MSN, which I guess our audience probably remember. Um, but anyone under the age of 20 will be like, What? What is that? It's what's app on your computer? Only on DH. Yeah, he reached out. It was really nice. We spoke. We seem to have a lot in common. Still, we both care about left wing politics and the environment on DH Digital stuff. Andi is very nice, and he's funny on Twitter. So everything you need for a friend in the tick, tick, tick Yeah, it was just It was really nice to have someone like you you couldn't get in contact with. Sometimes you think you know, when you think back and you think of people that you used to know that I wonder what they're up to now. I was like, I'm never gonna see this guy again, but apparently I can. But didn't you say as well that you stalked back on his Twitter feed and saw that he was tweeting to his following to say that he'd found you? And he was asking everyone if he should then get in contact? Yeah, that's right, and everyone said Yes, thankfully, but one person said, Watch out as you find his problematic favourites, which I guess is like a reference to the mean now that anyone you like on the Internet, if you look at them long enough, you'll find something about them, which you kind of think is terrible. But I don't think I've got any of those on the Internet. I get the whole hidden deep inside so could deny that you know it. No, you have No, I think you know what? You're very open and there's no there's no skeletons in the closet. I mean, I've known you for, what, 13 years? And I've not found more than that. Maybe a foot. I'm glad that you remembered its 13 years because a couple of episodes ago, you're that pressure. I said, like a six days. So that was my week. What about you? Your sounds like you've had a really great week, my weeks being fine, as I mentioned when we last recorded, which is actually pretty good, why we're back here doing this again because last time I was just coming out of a really bad like chest infection, which they thought was going into pneumonia, so I I didn't sound overly lively in the last episode. It was literally the worst. It was. I mean, you were fine. You're great. But like the coughing, every leg, 30 seconds. We did have to have a hand signals that when I was about to call him and you just pause. But anyway, my good good week was a ll actually about queer Eye on the new series of Queer Eye being released Season three it is. It's not even a guilty pleasure. It is something I fully owned that I absolutely love this TV Siri's Andi. If you haven't watched it, you have to watch it. You know, a lot of hopefully people have seen it. And it's about this group off gay men who I'm go around and find these heroes that they call them on DH. They help kind of revamp their lives through style through grooming through design in their home on DH. It's just a beautiful Siri's. So it used to be out and used to be called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. And it was five gay guys helping straight guys on that show was amazing and very groundbreaking for its time. Also quite savage because they were very much like, Oh, you're straight, you're terrible. Look at your dress. Then where is that? I just think this new season. What this new, the new revamped showing White So great is that it's just so nice. Like we've spoken about this, that it is nice people doing nice things for other most people who deserve niceness. Um, and it's just a really, like, light hearted but meaningful show, and I'm just really happy that it's out. And it was a Episode eight sister thing and I'm a Frey and I cried every single one. Andi, I don't regret it. I know you are a fate because I invited youto watch the new series just before it came out at my house on DH. By the time we kind of finished discussing the details you've already watched, only I just and and you know what, I've lost them, watched at least three of them another three times. I just I couldn't I couldn't stop like there's one episode where they help thes sisters, the Joneses sisters who run a barbecue shack and you know they kind of came out of retirement to this. Reopen the Barbecue shack to help one of them's daughter go backto to go to college. Sorry on DH, you know. So they kind of it about working all about helping her go through college. They don't they went looking after themselves on DIT is just the best episode, and there's one of the sisters has, ah, missing front tooth from an accident when she was a kid. So she's super self conscious about her smile, and you can see her constant looking down or covering her mouth. And she is obviously someone that really loves smiling. So there's the segment spoiler alert where they take her to get her to fixed. And it is the most heart wrenching scene when she sees her like teeth fixed and she can smile again. She breaks down, and I was a state. You broke that. Oh, I broke down. I wept like a child, and it was just so beautiful and then another bit where they help them. They have their own barbecue sauce for the shack, and it's like a legendary in the local area, and they help them finally take it to the next step and get it. Bulk made and packaged. They can sell it on DH. Yeah, it's just fantastic. You know, I tried to buy that barbecue sauce for this episode, but you can't get in the UK Yeah, I think it's like still limited, limited stocks. But, like I think we're next time in the States and definitely to try and gets off its 100%. True. And also did you know, barbecue sauce is mainly ketchup. The joy that is actually the one thing I remember thinking when I saw it being like, How did I not know the barbecue sauce is essentially, like catch up with spices and brown sugar? Yeah, no one knows everyone when I say that to their like what? It's just catch up. And I feel like I like barbecue sauce even more now because I know it's also catch up. I don't like barbecues. All's well. You're probably one of the only people. It's amazing, but yes. Oh, that's that's my favourite thing of the week two weeks ago, the new series of their eyes

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out and it's amazing You can wash it, watch it, love it for the moment, social media because they're really Neil. You have? Ah, good. Good thing for the week. What do you have? S o? I'm going to talk about

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something. Fashion related. So anyone use the podcast on new Toe? You? Me? I work in the fashion industry. That's my job. Working content, marketing on. I want Teo Teo show you this amazing brand that I discovered Probably end of last year. Community clothing, community, community clothing on DH Jack, how much do you know about thie? Like manufacturing processes for clothing. So I know that clothes are manufactured yet. Good stuff. I know that we manufacture some clothes in the UK and some clothes abroad. Some of the clothes that are sold here. I know that there are times when there's more demand because some like to go in time of the spring. Summer, autumn, winter seasonal things. Yeah, um, on DH, that is all I know about the manufacturers clothing. Ok, cool. So to go with your first point on things made in Britain because that's actually really a part of what makes me into clothing. So, so great is that Britain, you know, for many, many years, were, you know, was super famous for its manufacturing industries. For things like clothes on North Hampton Wass. You know, the birthplace of great shoes on DH with many, many industries. What's happened over the years is that production has moved abroad. Whether that's Portugal or for a lot of them, it's China Onda, actually, a lot of like, you know, the kind of really famous British brands, if you look at it, have actually all moved production to other countries. This obviously due to cheaper overheads, cheaper labour on DH. It can be because off, even if they could get cheaper quality, they can still get the good quality fabrics. They're able to mass produce it cheaper andan that can have some negative thanks. It means that there is. There's a loss of industry within the country because the company within the country on DSO what I love about community clothing. It's a brand that's owned by British businessman designer called Patrick Graham. He owns two brands Norton son, Andi Torts and they're too, like several Rohan men's tailoring brands. And basically a lot of their production was based out of a factory up in Blackburn, and what he realised was that they were there was huge downtimes in the factories because there was such a lack of demand now because so much manufacturing and moved overseas. It meant that outside of like the key production periods for the seasons, as you mentioned all of these, that the factory is running below capacity on what that meant was that then there was not the work to pay the people. So all of these amazing, talented craftsmen and women were on zero hours contracts, so their jobs were at risk, and it meant that we were slowly losing this expertise in the country. So what he did was he bought one of the factories that he again it was, you know, which is why I think is so amazing is that, you know, he put up, I think, from what I've heard, he put up a lot of his own collateral to help purchases factory. And he created this new prank called Community Clothing, and the idea is that it's a seasonless collections, so they produce these really awesome like, kind of wardrobe staples that allow them to produce during the down periods in the factories. So it means that there's constantly a demand for the product. And so not only is it brought manufacturing off the clothing back into the UK, which meant the quality of the Crofton ship is extremely high. There are also using British fabrics as well, and by doing that and using the downtime, they're able to keep the cost down. So I think I think the stats probably even old now it's on their website, but they've been around for longer than that. Stats bean up. I think they've already added over 13,000 hours back into the factory and into other British factories in producing these clothes on but the end of the day, the clothes are also just amazing quality. You know, you've got things like your Harrington jackets and Britain tops and, like denim jeans, T shirts, just all the things that everyone needs on by creating seasonless close like that on also in like, streamlined version. So it's not everything's unisex. They, apart from the genes where there was a cut for men and women's bodies. But the T shirts just range from bigger to smaller sizes, the normal it means that they're not wasting time in the redesign on DH product development for different sizes so they don't have to discount. They don't need to go into sale because they're actually just able to keep the cost down. I mean, I think that the socks that I got, what I bought for, like, it was like £2.50 and overcome fear socks. And they made with British fabrics in and in the black van factory. Okay, so what you're saying is community clothing. The company, which is a website and also clothes designers, is also a factory. Yeah, but it also uses other factories down times as well. Or is it all inside that one? Thanks. I believe it was. Don't quote me. Actually, that Russia is not a bit more research, especially things recording this a second time that it was its died in different factories. But then Patrick purchased Blackburn s O. I think most of the products that are a few different desires as well all say, made in Blackburn. So students that in that one main factory, But it's, I think, your point of, like, the different parts of it. The company is essentially a social enterprise. Okay, so it's a social enterprise and always produces seasonless clothing or all season. Seasonless is fine, so it's like, you know, it does it short, but it doesn't. They're available all year round. It has its genes, It's jumpers, it's T shirts. But it's just as in, like they're not like, you know, a crazy print trend that's never going to be dead by next year. It's all things that kind of never go out of style. So I can be that guy who wears shorts in the winter with a fresh pair of December bushel you completely, completely. And I think that's what it means. My season is. It's not just season as in, like autumn, Winter, spring, summer. It's season. This is in like it's not trend. It's these things. You know, everyone. It was always going to need that. They're indigo denim. People always need white tees, grea tes black teas and jackets in classic colours, eh? So it means that they just there's always a need for them on go. Yeah, I think that's just why it's a really great thing, a good, good thing that I wanted everyone to know about because I think it's really important in a culture now that is so built on fast fashion on DH. You know, low quality for low cost, which means that you can buy Mohr. It's really important to focus on these type of brands that are actually making a difference not just in like people, but in industry ending and quality of government. Yeah, and I guess it's also so important to get people off zero hour contracts. I mean, there are some people that they work for, obviously. But when you're talking about high quality, trained people who are doing factory work making these garments, who will then don't have a job for a few months out of the year or don't have much of an income on, then they come back in and get to move to a consistent load of work. That is a really positive effect, a good good effect for those workers. Yeah, completely. And I think that's why I'm so impressed with the initiative in its entirety and with Patrick and that it was, you know, obviously it's a business, and obviously it needs to make money, but it it's what it doesn't have physical stores because obviously the cost of having a physical store, you know, and having lots. I think it may be has one area now, but there's a cost to having those stores, which you know, increases overhead, which was waiting. And I need to increase price rose for him. It's about saving thes these artisans and these skilled workers, because if they can't get that work, they're going to go off and do other jobs. And then that means that those skills are not going to be passed on. It's not gonna be a job that someone else is gonna want to be trained in because there's no there's no job security on DH. It means that those skills gonna be lost in this country, and that would be a real shame because, you know, the clothes and product that have come out of Britain for so many years is always bean like world class. So you've mentioned that despite being ableto give, get people off the royal contracts, making Britain they're able to keep the price is quite low. Yet now I am gonna test you on whether you think the prices are acceptable for the items of clothing. I'm going to say something to say and I throw clothing. I want you to say how much you would pay for that item of clothing, and then I will tell you where the community clothing it's cheaper or more expensive. OK, although this is bearing in mind that considering what I do, I probably said Mohr my items of clothing that most people dio You don't get the disclaimer the terrible when you spend far too much money on clothes, I don't. I invest in quality, not quantity. You've also got quantity. Ah ah plane tote bag in cocky. Was it made off? That was important. Car keys. A cover. It's not fabric. I mean, I guess it's cotton. It's 9.5 ounces off cotton twill. And if you're curious on the size and 49 centimetres by 100% cotton, 100% cottage. This is the thing that when you go and you buy products like you know as much as their set of man made fibres that can be quality, like it's important to look at the fabrications. 100% cotton is is better than 100. Simple. Yes, that I would say I would pay for that tote 10 to £15. I think maybe 20 how nice it is. Maybe more. Well, 10 to £15 I'd say it's a nice totals. Far is totes go. But community clothing that will set you back £20. Okay. Yeah, And I think that's I think that's fine, because I think that, you know, you're buying we're not talking about, You know, one of those touch you get free when you buy something from a shop like you're buying a want a bag for life because it makes you think of a supermarket. But it's like, you know, it is a quality durable accessory that you're gonna keep with you. Okay, moving on to the next one. A uni sex sweatshirt. Grey contrast, rib. I don't know what it means. Probably like the cuffs and collar. Oh, yeah. Has a rib collar cuffs and him told you its premium thickness is 100% cotton loop bank. And there's a front Be stitching below the core. It's very common in sports sweatshirt. I would say £60.60 pounds for one of those. Well, you're in luck because community clothing is selling it for £39. 00 pence. Yeah, that's really good. I've definitely paid £60 for like a good quality sweatshirt. Okay, I'm gonna look a woman's Where for one last one. I don't have a clue on this one. So a woman's stripe. Britain Navy crew neck strike brand crewneck cotton again. It's 100% cotton jersey, 300 grammes per square metre. It's knitted in Leicester, but its own and finished in Blackburn. There we go. There we go. I'm I would say I want to know. Maybe maybe 45 50 45 50 would be paying too much because it's only £35 there we could guarantee clothing. Um, well, so now we know Don't get your totes from community clothing, but for your other essentials. Um but yeah, so I mean, that's the thing is you can see the kids, you know, it is you are paying more than if you shop at certain high street retailers that shall not be named. And I also fully appreciate that there is, you know, a privilege to being able. Teo, you know, be able to spend more on your clothing, but I think it's it's worth that consideration because what you're doing is there are so many other things happening when you purchase from them. It is keeping an industry alive in this country. It is keeping skilled workers in jobs, and it is using, like, well, a sourced and supplied fabrics, which means you're also getting quality and longevity and what you're buying on. I think that's the thing Is that overall you end up spending the same because, yeah, I mean, I've had pieces I've had from the move had fair, you know, a good nine months now and you wouldn't see any. There's no difference in the quality of it. Where is a lot of other fast fashion you'd after a couple of washers? You've seen that the shape is going a little bit or it goes out of shape by the end of the first day of wearing. So yeah, that's Ah, my good, good thing of the week. And you should also note that the logo is particularly dope. The logo is actually great, and I remember thinking about you when I first saw the logo on. That is because the logo looks like Pac Man two Pac Man Pac men. Pittman's Tak Men's Yeah, it is. It's just a really cool letter and you could get it on some of the graphic tees on DSO. Yeah, I remember thinking about that when I saw it that you'd love it, but yes. Oh, I fully recommend every goes and cheques him out their websites, community clothing dot I think it's dot co dot UK and community clothing. You can find them on social as well. Cheque her out more on DH. Yeah,

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I think it is. What a good thing. Okay, Jack. So we know that there are lots of other good

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news storeys happening all the time that people miss out on. So I'm giving you 30 seconds to get through as many as you can. And then I'm gonna pick one that I deem worthy off further discussion. Are you ready? I mean, I'm ready to do the list, but I'm not ready to give you full creative control over what you deem worthy. It seems I mean, that this is what happens is the segment you'll get. You can pick. Wait your turn. I have control. So are you ready? I've just I've opened up a calculated not a stopwatch. 2nd 30 miners. One pressure equals till the company genius Okay. Ready? Yes. I am ready to fulfil my purpose as Frieda. Good. And I think I'm gonna be good this week. The second temple. Yeah, you should be better. But over too quick. Three, two, one, go. Giving MD made old mice said there's through increased sociability similar to that of young mice. HPV vaccination in Scotland had led to huge drops in cervical cancer rates. Sitting or walking in a commonplace in nature is the best way to reduce stress. Kids and national parks. A healthier and more prosperous, tastiest basil ever has been made in a lab in America. Basil the hub increase in female representation in political TV shows have led to increased female political engagement. Housing with improved water and sanitation has doubled in sub Saharan Africa. Dubstep music by Skrillex has been started Rise Scrim IX, Lex Grilling Skrillex, Skrillex Skrillex that is. I only know that he did a song with Justin Bieber once I put like you heard someone say his name. So he was seen it written down. Skrillex, It's collect. Okay, now, if this thing's gonna be like Skrillex obviously screwed. Yeah, I know, right? So they were your choices Okay, So, I mean, I think that you set me up here because I think you know exactly which one I'm going to bit Jack. Which one am I going to pick? Neil? I think you might be interested in the tastiest. Of course. I don't give a crap about tasty basil. I think that's an amazing thing. The battle is already the best herb when it's fresh, not the dried stuff. True, on DSO improve it, you're going to pick increases in female representation on political in political TV shows has led to increased political interest by women. That is 100% correct because we all know that Neal loves female lead. According Teo, I strongly on strong family. According to my Netflix suggested categories, I want to be clear and just go back for a second. A strong female woman is a bad phrase. A strong female lead is much better for exactly exactly, yes, because we've discussed this before. You know, it's the problem where it's like, well, they make it out as if it's a different thing or like it's ah, it's a one off or women are strong. It's just that you've chosen to pick it out into this, like lead character trait for this drama. Andi. I think it gives that actually campaign a wrong picture. And it shouldn't be about a strong female leaders a thing. It's just It's a storey with a strong lead or it's just a storey back character that goes through something on the gender actually, shouldn't be part of the the issue. But still, having said that, I am a massive soccer for you definitely have, like, a Netflix category. Completely know. Well, that was it. Netflix actually suddenly suggested it was like because of your interest was, like, suggested for Neil and they can't be was strong female leads. Now they got my number. Damn, that's impressive, algorithmic. Yeah, I know what I mean. It's not hard out the room. And I'm like the female lead female lead, female lead like, Yeah, so that's that's very company. So called. Tell me what s So it was increased female representation in political shows has led to an increase in women getting into politics. So getting involved with politics when I s only saying Oh, the next one of these people who didn't care about the politics is going to be the next president, but they are good. But in America they are seeing that when they put Mohr political TV show's on in prime time with leading female characters who are not just like representations off the secretary or any other kind of sexist troops from the past, they will people watching that women watching that will get Mohr engaged with the political process, whether that's looking at more articles or registering to vote, or getting involved with the local Republican or Democratic Party, or even running for local governance in some form. All of that is the kind of evidence that they're talking about when they say getting more involved after having these prime time shows. Okay, so it's kind of it's so it's the increase in awareness and interest within the political sphere because they've seen, like what it is for, ah woman to be involved there and so that it makes it exactly it's that whole argument. People make witches. Representation is useful and important, and we need to make sure people have represented on DH. This study has come along said. In terms of women and politics. There is definitely evidence here, and it is important on. I think that's really important because it goes against the history off sort of neglect for women in American primetime TV shows. For example, in primetime TV shows between 1966 and 1996 only 34% of leading characters were female. So 50 cent of the country a female 34% of leading character in prime time were female. And that doesn't even go into the fact that love. Those were old stereotypes. And the women were playing either hyper sexualised, rose or diminutive rose or any of the kind of we all know the stereotypes we'd expect to see. So it's like this study on this whole argument. Representation is important. Looking at the facts, looking, the statistics that we have. This is said, Come on, we need to keep doing these things shows like the good wife or Madam secretary or scandal. Those shows are important. What they do are important. What choices the casting on the script writers and the director makes those important decisions, and we need to continue seeing more of this, and not just for women in politics, but for all kinds of areas where representation is needed. Yeah, yeah, that's what I was thinking, as you were saying as well with the 34%. Because that's before you then even get down into racial representation within that figure. Because then if you know, if 34% is women than that leaves 26% as wait, not 26%. 60. Math is not my forger. And tell me the sums I will do. What is the male representation of 34%? This? I was trying so hard to do that in my head. I was talking and I was like, I'm not there. 60 61 66 26. Some reasons I was thinking if I was thinking my head about how 50% of the population is meant the maths representing you know, right, I'd be more into it because then that's the thing you know you have If men are 50% of the population in this, 66% of the reptile representation on TV but then I'd be really interesting to see. But what is the ethnic diversity of that representation? Because I bet you it is overwhelmingly white men on DH. So Yeah, I think representation is always of really important conversation. And I just think for something as important as politics, because I mean we speculate about this before and I also say about how I paying U S oh, my involvement interest in in politics because so many people will get It's really hard to gain access to it on DH to be aware of it. So actually, by having these shows where they're represented on DH for something such an important subject off politics for someone, Teo then become interested in in that sphere and want to get involved in it and be able to build their own opinion on it is super super important. Yeah, right. It is like the way that we change our worlds. And so if we can get more people engaged and this is one of those methods on, if we can get underrepresented groups both in TV and in the sphere, they're talking about politics and in our society, Then we can really make changes. So this kind of study shows that the choices people are making the representational argument is has evidence, and it makes positive changes. And for me, that is a really good. Good thing. Say something else. But that was really well finished. Play the music

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e come back. I was gonna be like and those shows clearly deserved their armies. But no, you did really? Well, I think that it would it would have. Okay, Jack, we're running out of time. But there are so many more good news storeys talk about or the fading music is on its way. So you get going. Intellectual, humble people tend to possess more knowledge. Droppings are now clever enough to use sponges as tools to help deal with climate change. Tasmanian devils like Dash Lola, this's a bit while I tell you to like me, But I got a bit. So I'm supposed to say you have to say thanks for listening to this week's episode of a good thing you feel like you don't forget to write. If you subscribe, then come in and leave us. Your message is your good good thing. Everyone. Whoever you are. You okay?